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Asphalt Services

Asphalt & Sealing

From parking lots to driveways and streets, Coastal Asphalt provides new installations for both residential and commercial settings. Grading, paving, and seal coating is a crucial process for ensuring the life of your asphalt, and we do that too!


As asphalt ages, changes in color, texture, and smoothness are bound to happen. Over time, heavy traffic areas create situations where cracks and joints need repair. Even for sunken asphalt, we can bring your pavement surface back to new condition.


Large commercial asphalt areas need regular attention. For asphalt repairs, power cleaning, oil treatment or even line striping, Coastal Asphalt & Seal provides routine maintenance services that fit within your budget.

Asphalt Projects

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Serving the paving industry in San Diego County has proven our dedication to professionalism and promptness, as we are always on time for each job. Our teams are very organized, efficient and meticulous to better serve you. Coastal Asphalt & Seal serves residential and commercial customers in all of San Diego County. Call us today and you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE!